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5:22 PM: We just saw an absolutely incredible sizzle reel, showcasing the entire run of the show so far…and a haunting tease about where the show could go. 

5:22 PM: 我们刚刚看的短篇讲了这个剧从开始到现在的过程,末尾暗戳戳地勾人心弦地暗示了以后的走向。

5:24 PM: “The coolest thing about the trailer is we didn’t have anything to do with it…the show belongs to you guys as much as us,” creator Jonah Nolan says of the fan-made trailer. The very end — which is a tease for what’s to come — is what they added to us. 

5:24 PM: Jonah Nolan对这个迷妹剪的视频发表评论说:“这片子最大的亮点便是它并不是我们(官方)做的。这个剧不仅属于我们,更属于大家。” 只有片子的最后部分是他们(官方)加上去的,暗示了以后的走向。

5:25 PM: “Losing Carter, and really discovering her too late – at this point, it’s survival,” Jim Caviezel says of Reese’s season 4. He says season 5 will be quality over quantity. Right now, it’s all about survival. “Team Machine has to stick together.” 

5:25 PM: Jim Caviezel谈到第四季的Reese时说:“失去了Carter,而且对于彼此之间(感情)发现得太晚。而现在的话,就是生存了。”他提到第五季会是质大于量的一集。现在的一切都是围着生存而转,“TM小分队必须得紧紧地团结在一起。”

5:28 PM: “We’re going to make 13 kickass episodes, and drop the microphone,” Nolan says. He notes they don’t know if it’s the end, “but we’re very proud of the show…if it’s the last season, no one is going to be disappointed with the story we tell.” 

5:28 PM: “我们会把这13集做得吊炸天,然后就可以丢话筒了(drop the microphone的意思大家可以意会下,一般来说是在一段超棒表演后,丢潇洒地话筒)。”Nolan表示他们还不知道是否是最终季,“但这个剧已经足够让我们骄傲……如果是最终季的话,这个故事也不会让任何人失望。”

5:30 PM: “It’s pretty clear Harold Finch is going to have to figure out a way to constitute the Machine…and how to figure out how to not repeat the mistakes of before,” POI showrunner Greg Plageman says. 

5:30 PM: 制片人Greg Palgeman说:“Harold Finch需要想清楚如何重建TM……以及如何避免重蹈覆辙。”

5:31 PM: “I thought it was interesting he resisted personifying for so long…[and in that moment] he kind of behaved as if it was his child talking to him,” Michael Emerson says of the beautiful Machine goodbye. As he seeks to rebuild it, he’ll have to figure what he needs to do to it — and whether Root’s wishes will impact the ultimate results. 

5:31 PM: 对于TM告别的那一幕,Michael Emerson说:“我觉得有趣的事情在于,他(Harold)在长时间以来都拒绝将TM人格化,但在那一刻,他表现得就像自己的孩子在同他说话一样。”而在重建的过程中,他得想清楚要怎么做——还有Root的想法是否会对最终结果造成影响。

5:33 PM: “He’s been getting his butt kicked since episode one, season 1,” Kevin Chapman says of Fusco. He says Fusco is going to start asking some questions this season. 

5:33 PM: Kevin Chapman说Fusco这一季会开始思考些问题,“他从第一季第一集开始就在被揍。”

5:35 PM: “Denise The’s contract allows her to kill off a cast member every season,” Nolan jokes, of “If-Then-Else” when so many people died in that hour. Caviezel points to his scenes with Taraji P. Henson as his favorite hour of the season. “these guys are extra “The tragic part of this is this is a gal he could have truly loved,” he says. “The sad part is the heart-head didn’t hook up until it was too late. It just never felt completed.” He notes he really misses Henson and Carter, and he teared up while watching it. 

5:35 PM: 411中,许多角色都死在了那一个小时,Nolan开玩笑说:“Denise的合同允许她每季都可以杀掉一个角色。”


5:40 PM: “We would do scenes four takes in a row,” Amy Acker says of shooting “If-Then-Else.” She joke they got confused who was alive during what takes. “When Shaw kissed me and then was shot, I don’t think I realized at that point it was such a turning point for my character,” Acker says. She didn’t realize it would allow them to go so far with her character, and that it solidified the feelings Root had for Shaw were more than just fun flirtation. Will Shaw return? “We have not seen the last of Shaw,” The teases. 

5:40 PM: Amy Acker在提到411的时候说:“我们一幕戏会连着拍四次,”她还开玩笑说她们也不知道最后会用哪个镜头。“Shaw亲了我(Root),之后中枪。在那个时候我觉得我还没意识到这是我角色的一个转折点。” 她说自己那时没意识到这会让他们将Root这个角色发掘到现在这个程度,而这更加证实了Root对Shaw的感情并不止于有趣的调情而已。

Shaw会回来么? “我们看到的不是Shaw的最后一幕。”

5:41 PM: “It’s a better life to be on the [good] side of the street,” Chapman says of Fusco doing so much without question. But that may change. 

5:41 PM: “在好人这方的生活确实不错。”在提到Fusco毫无疑问地做了这么多事时,Kevin表示这可能会有些改变。

5:44 PM: On rebuilding the Machine: “Not on the same page,” Emerson says. “Haven’t you learned to listen to me by now?” Acker jokes. “People who keep saving your life, you tend to warm to them,” Emerson says. But he notes that Root’s mindset has always been different — but will she get her way? “I think I might have to tie him up again,” Acker jokes. “He keeps trying to keep those things out of his mind,” Emerson retorts. The kidnapping, the torturing, the cutting with razor blades.” 

5:44 PM: 关于重建TM的话题:ME说:“我们观点不同。” AA玩笑说:“你现在差不多也该学会了听我的了吧?” EM说:“如果有人经常救你命的话,你自然会渐渐亲近他们。“他也提到Root的心态也有了很大的改变。

但这是否代表会按照她的意愿来做呢?AA玩笑说:“我觉得我可能大约又要把他绑起来了。” ME反驳说:“他一直在努力忘记那些事,什么绑架啊,折磨啊,剃须刀片什么的。“

5:45 PM: What does Reese need the most in his life? “I think he needs hope; I think he’s in bad shape,” Caviezel says. They need to find Samaritan and “hit [it] in its Achilles heel.” He thinks Carter became “the genesis for the start of something different.” 

5:45 PM: Reese的生命里最需要什么?“我觉得他最需要希望,他现在情况挺糟糕的。”JC说。他们得找到Samaritan然后击中它最薄弱的地方,他说Carter是“一个新起点发源。”

5:48 PM: “Picking the song is often more fun than writing [scenes],” Nolan says of the great music on the show. (And he applauds their musical supervisor as well.) “The one tell Jonah and I have with a song is if we have goosebumps — if you get a chill, it’s in,” Plageman says. 

5:48 PM: 在说起剧里超棒的音乐时,Nolan说:“选歌比写剧本有趣。”然后他朝着音乐顾问鼓掌。Greg说:“我和Jonah选择音乐的方法是看我们有没有起鸡皮疙瘩,或者有没有打战。”

5:52 PM: When did they decide to have Acker be a full member of the how? “We worked with Amy first in the first season finale, and we all had such a great time working with her,” Nolan says. He says his wife suggested Acker for the role, and they “haven’t looked back.” 

5:52 PM: 什么时候决定将AA提为常驻的?Nolan说:“在第一季最后一集的时候和Amy合作时,我们都度过了相当不错的一段时光。”他说是他老婆提议让AA来演这个角色的,然后他们“从未有过他想”。

5:55 PM: “We’re hoping to bring back as many as possible,” Nolan says of the guest cast. Plageman points out they killed off so many of their recurring players, and The jokingly interjects that Plageman was the one who wrote that script. 

5:55 PM: 在提到客串人员时,Nolan说“我们会尽力让更多的人回来。”Greg立刻指出他们已经杀了许多循环角色,然后大家又说写那一幕的分明是Greg。

5:58 PM: “I think it’s really great to work on this show because the casting is smart,” Emerson says. He notes it makes it more fun for them to go to work. “We’re basically a group of nerds, just like you,” Caviezel says. 

5:58 PM: “在这部戏里工作十分愉快,我觉得主要是因为剧组成员都太棒了。”ME说上班比放假有趣。JC(对ME)说:“我们基本都和你一样是一群nerds。”

6:00 PM: “He might find a strategic use for a firearm,” Emerson says of whether Finch will use a gun. “Not to bring down another human, but to make things happen.” 

6:00 PM: 在提到Finch是否会用枪的时候,ME说“他或许会找到一个策略去用枪,不是为了干掉另一个人,而是为了激发一些事。”

6:01 PM: “I don’t write the show, you know,” Caviezel says when a fan asks about Reese and Iris. He throws it to Nolan, who says, “We know, but we’re not going to tell you.” “I hope so, because I find that actress so attractive,” Emerson says when asked whether Finch will reunite with his true love, Grace. (AKA Emerson’s real-life wife.) 

6:01 PM: 在粉丝问到Reese和Iris的时候,JC说“你知道,我不是编剧。”然后把问题甩给了Nolan。Nolan说:“我们知道会发生什么,但是不会告诉你(2333)。”


6:03 PM: “Sure he would,” Emerson says of whether Finch would save LOST’s Ben Linus if his number came up. “No one deserves to have their life ended by violence.” 

6:03 PM: 在被问到如果《迷失》里面的Ben Linus号码出现时,Finch是否挥去救。ME说“当然,任何人的生命都不应被暴力终止。”

6:06 PM: “I quote Taraji: ‘I’m Jesus, and this is my last supper,'” Caviezel says when a fan says the show is all about him. (She says she sees Batman parallels, too.) 

6:06 PM: 在粉丝说这个剧都是关于他(Reese)的时候,JC说:“让我引用Taraji的话:我是耶稣,而这是我最后的晚餐。”粉丝也提到了像蝙蝠侠。

6:08 PM: What will Root say to Shaw when they reunite? “I think there was an interesting point where Root had to make a decision about the Machine or Shaw, in a sense…I imagine that will haunt her and become a priority this season,” Acker says. She notes they need to go get her. 

6:08 PM: 肖根重逢的时候Root会对Shaw说什么?(天呐Rickie这个问题是不是你问的?)“曾经有那么一个点,Root得在TM和Shaw之间做出选择……我觉得这一点会在这一季成为最重点的事,并一直困扰她。”AA也提到他们必须去找她(Shaw)。

6:10 PM: When a fan says Caviezel might be slowing down, and he cracks the fan could be a stuntman. Acker says she lives in the same building as him, and he’s always in the gym and it makes her feel guilt. 

6:10 PM: 当有粉丝说JC动作会变慢的时候,JC说他(这位粉丝)可以去做替身。AA说她和JC住在一栋楼里,他总在健身房里,让她觉得十分愧疚。

6:12 PM: “The greatest trick you can pull off…is duality and the complexity of the characters,” Plageman says. He points to their talented actors, and the writers’ “ability to want to surprise.” 

6:12 PM: Greg说:“你能做出的最棒的事,便是发掘角色的复杂性和二元性。”他说这些极具天赋的演员和编剧们有“想要创造惊喜的能力”。

6:14 PM: And we’re ending the panel with a first look at Nolan’s new show WESTWORLD.

6:14 PM: panel以Nolan的新剧Westworld片段结束。

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